This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land

I appreciate community festivals.
I'm a sucker for fireworks - anything that goes boom is okay in my book.
I've always got room for a hotdog or a bbq sandwich.
I'm not the country's biggest patriot, but watching folks take the oath and become US citizens does give me a surge of the ol' red, white, and blue feeling.
I'm even a country fan. (Not so much current radio country, but whatever.)

But come on, Tallahassee. For the umpteenth time in a row, the headlining act at this year's big Tallahassee 4th of July bash is a country singer. Who does the booking for this thing? How about some R&B? How about one of those oldies acts that still tours? How about some - god fucking forbid - rock'n'roll? A little local hiphop? Country is not the end all be all of American music in any way, shape, or form.

I know, we say this every year. But seriously, planners, get a clue.


Miss Trashahassee said...

Man, I just don't understand why the Hager Twins won't come back to Tallahassee.

They are the world's most famous twins. It says so on their Web site.

I love them. I do.

Miss T

Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. It's so...predictable. Maybe a different group of folks would be tempted to do the festival if they branched out on the entertainment a little.
You think?

juancho said...

No doubt.

-Not necessarily the band... but, ah you get it.

Jon said...

I agree completely. Not only would I not want to deal with the crowds there, but to sit through yet another country artist would be torture.

downtown guy said...

Miss Trashahassee: Put together a petition for the city - I'd sign it.

Mama: Exactly. Even Billy doesn't go anymore.

Juancho: Hell, the band's got to be doing something now that their lead singer's dropped them in favor of the solo stuff. Maybe they could actually go back to playing ska.

Jon: Yeah, it'd take more than twang pop to get me into the crowds down there.